Geophysical Testing

Geophysical Testing

Core Consultants delivers in-house geophysical testing as part of our geotechnical site investigation suite, in the form of multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) or refraction seismic testing.

Seismic testing applications include:

  • Site characterisation
  • Depth of rock
  • Soft clay delineation
  • Compaction assessment
  • Landfill extents
  • Rippability.

Key advantages of seismic testing are:

  • Continous subsurface profiling
  • Efficiency – survey large areas quickly
  • Ease of access
  • Reduces geotechnical risk
  • Cost effective
  • Non invasive.


Core Consultants possess extensive experience in geotechnical engineering to support project delivery. 


Core Consultants delivers comprehensive environmental solutions for site assessment, investigation, and remediation of contaiminated land.

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